Self Reflection to Boost Results

#1 – Use Self Reflection to Boost your Results!

The Power of Self Reflection

Mastery of self reflection will allow you to revolutionise the way you succeed in your social life, the way you accelerate your career and the manner in which you view yourself as a person!

Taking the time to reflect on your successes and failures allows you to do three things:

  1. Find ways to improve what you aren’t doing so well
  2. Free up time by postponing what you don’t need to focus on as much (things you are already pretty good at)
  3. Make repeatable tasks and processes more effective in the future

Of all these points, I believe the third is possible the most important.

By taking the time to see how you can improve the way you did something – it is highly likely that the very same task or a a component of the skill (or skills) you are working on will come into play in the near future when you are required to do the same thing again.

This is of particular note to people with services businesses i.e. consultants, web designers, trades people who are likely to repeat the same process over and over again for a customer. Even if this isn’t you – the act of checking email, processing orders, talking with customers – all these actions are processes which benefit from being refined and improved.

Many people avoid self reflection out of the common belief that they do something all the time, therefore they assume there aren’t too many ways left to find an improvement. But it is actually these people who can benefit most and here are two reasons why:

  1. Ability to isolate the final % increases in productivity – If you are already close to your peak efficiency in a task (maximum output aka being the best at something) then you are going to have to work even harder and harder to progressively find improvements to increase your productivity (how much money you make, how much of a good you produce e.t.c). In my study of economics we called this diminishing marginal returns which can be seen in the graph below. Thus by using something as simple as self reflection ( which is by the way a zero cost tool) to detect improvements within yourself – people who commonly do something repeatedly may be exercising one of their few remaining options to improve in a task before they reach their personal limit

  2. More data to find more improvement – This point is perhaps more simple and relates to the fact that the more times you conduct an activity, the more data you will naturally have at your disposal (evidence, statistics, testimonials e.t.c) to locate and improve the way you conduct your business. After only one or two attempts – areas you target are closer to guesses than calculated efforts. However, if you do something often you will actually be in a more POWERFUL position to find the right areas to improve

What should I do?

Take the time to look at the last thing you did which was a signficant task in your work or personal life. Then take the time to write down the positives (things you did well) and the negatives (things you could improve on). Just by doing this you may find you uncover things you could do better and it will be something we use in a week to further increase your performance

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