Why I married my Amazon Prime account

Living in the tech dependent city of San Francisco – things have changed substantially in my life.

I still haven’t bought a car – for the first 6 months it was so cheap to Uber/Lyft everywhere that I didn’t even catch public transport via the ride sharing feature. Then I upgraded to a skateboard, now to a bike and as of last week a Zipcar, which allows me to rent cars on demand for $7 per hour.

I ate catered food for 4 months straight – consuming breakfast, lunch and dinner via a subscription food service called Sprig which brought the warm meals straight to my door.

delivered meals

I even didn’t wash my clothes – using a pickup and delivery service to bring things to the top floor of my apartment.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more ridiculous – a friend suggested a try a thing called Amazon.

Being from Australia – I knew Amazon had something to do with books. Despite my hesitations I was told I could even buy a mattress on the site. After sleeping on an inflatable air bed barely the size of a person for over a half a year, this was a much welcome relief. I moved into this arrangement when I met a random Russian programmer two weeks before at a hacker house; we got along and the rest was history. I’m proud to say we now live in much better circumstances.


Thinking that I would never buy anything again – I picked standard delivery and avoided the option to do something called ‘Prime’ which apparently would bring everything to my door for a flat yearly membership within two days at no cost after the annual fee. I didn’t think I would ever need this…oh how I was so wrong.

Come December 19th 2016 – almost a year later.

I couldn’t find a power conversion cable for my Australian Laptop to use here in the States – I had forgotten it visiting my parents in Australia. I went to three shops and no one had what I was looking for…turning online one place did – Amazon was my savior.

Whilst I was buying the cable I was prompted again to signup for Prime. This time it was too good to refuse! Not only could I get it free for 30 days to try; I was being offered a free Amazon Gift Card + free books and movies…….. and so I entered the relationship….

amazon prime

The membership automatically rolled over and I was too busy to notice. I was too busy enjoying Indiana Jones on repeat. For some reason watching the Last Crusade always makes me happy after a long day at work.

I knew I was a real addict when I stopped paying for Netflix – even at a miniscule amount per month, Amazon had converted me. Thanks to Prime I receive everything to my door, in mint condition – often finding myself in a dream like state buying items I had never expected. 5 Pound Dried Edamame Bags. Self Tightening Belts. I am now a certified online shop-a-holic.

What I really want to know is one thing am I in a winning relationship? Has my dear Amazon profited from my additional loyalty or am I taking advantage of her low cost delivery and fantastic prices? Starting from a small purchase of $5.59 for the cable, I have now spent a total of $636.33 on the platform. Hmmm..I think this relationship must be serious – ‘facebook official.’

Looking at this visually there is obviously a trend towards increase usage and expenditure on the platform. Thinking about this from a CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and LTV (Lifetime Value) perspective – it seems like this may be a loss-leading strategy; but one has a long term propensity to deliver healthy profits.amazon spend

One thing I want to think about further is how or why I am encouraged to spend more. Is there a love potion at work? I believe the secret sauce is in something called retargeting.

When I browse through the web, browse my Instagram quickly on the toilet at work or am even watching Youtube; I am met with advertisements that encourage me to return to make a purchase on something I recently looked at. The sophistication of this technology goes even deeper – with emails and push notifications suggesting I buy things I was looking at because they are now ‘discounted’ or ‘on sale.’ I get especially freaked out when I get emails suggesting I look at new items – these are all things I have a genuine interest in. How do they do it!

The key is in the data. Amazon knew that last month I hurt my shoulder, but how?

When I was searching for shoulder supports, ice packs and other items related to supporting my injury something she mysteriously made the connection. Then the magic happened. One week later after my self care was unsuccessful, I received a suggestion to purchase Penetrex – an anti-inflammatory which completely took away my pain in a few days. Money spent. Problem solved. Scary or a sign of a glimpse of a data driven future?

Now my relationship with Amazon prime has extended beyond marriage; it is an obsession.

All my food and groceries – thank you my dearest Amazon Fresh.

All my house cleaning and maintenance – thank you my dearest Amazon Home Services.

My next trip to Vegas – thank you Amazon Credit Card.

I’m not sure if our relationship will take a turn for the worse, but I feel its only getting stronger. I’m not scared by how much you know me – because that allows us to get along better.

It is an open relationship – and I’m sure many of you love and hate Amazon yourselves – so would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below

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