Why I crush their soul on the first day in the office…

I always have lived by the phrase –

“Time and pressure make diamonds.”

In business, we always have enough pressure but never enough time.

This being said, when new hires start in sales, marketing or any department – I do something with everyone which is extremely unconventional; yet has yielded amazing results for the organisations I have been involved with.

First of all, I set the expectation that their first day will be unlike anything they have been through before. I also share the fact that every single person in the company has been through the same process – highlighting that we all share the common bond the training creates.

Secondly, I motion them to the HR onboarding manager to go through all the necessary checks & balances.

After this has been covered, normally taking the first part of the day – the real challenge begins.

I sit them down at a desk in the corner with only four things on it –

A pen.


A phone.

And a one page summary of what our product does.

I give them 15 minutes to study the material and return with the challenge.

In my hand is a piece of paper with 10 numbers:

“Please dial these and do your best to sell our product. I state.

Often the most common reaction is an open mouth.

I hear comments like, “I don’t know their names” or “I’ve never done this before.”

I insist, telling them that I will be here to listen.

On average it takes 4 dials for them to connect. Then all hell breaks loose.

They don’t know how to introduce themselves. Some of them receive verbal abuse immediately as they open with “Hi, this is Jim from Company Name – how are you today.”

Others panic and start apologizing. Some people just get up and walk out. I never ask them back.

For most people the call lasts about 30 seconds to a minute, with the new employee sweating profusely and looking up at me in distress.

I extend my hand and state, “Welcome to the Family.”

I elaborate,

What you have gone through today gives you an idea of how important each and every person is in this room.

Without marketing – less people recognize our name when you state it at the start of the call?

Without sales, who else is their to take the endless pain and suffering of being rejected day after day?

Without engineering and product – who can create something amazing enough to go on to captivate & maintain their interest?

Without HR, who is there to support us during our highs and our lows?

In that one minute you have just spent; you now instantly understandeverything behind our business.

You can look forward to every single day you spend at this company; becauseevery single moment from now on will be better than this.

By creating a moment of the most intense pressure a person will feel during their role, I accomplish three things:

1.     Create a permanent bond between all members of the company

2.     Draw an appreciation for the function of every department

3.     Set an unbreakable, all time low – which makes all future difficulty look minor in comparison

Back to my original adage; time and pressure make diamonds. Through the ‘trial by fire’ – I create more diamonds in only a fraction of the time.

Do you agree with me or am I taking this concept too far?

Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

About The Author

Dailius Wilson

Dailius Wilson is the 24 year old founder of WolfofYorkStreet.com – helping the world's top SaaS companies to optimise their sales and marketing efforts. Dailius is currently a Director at TrustRadius and a digital blogger at increasemyonlinebusiness.com. Dailius was named as one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs in Australia for 2015 by Anthill Online and was ranked in the Top 100 SEO Experts in the World. Dailius has also been a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show and has over 10,000,000 views on Youtube