Why Most Deals Die at the Follow Up & How to Rescue Them

After doing the hard work to get your prospect on the phone – why do only 5% of these interactions result in deals. The answer is simple – you simply aren’t following up or following up well enough.

Follow Up Cadence

It has been proven that following up in the first five minutes following a call is statistically significant in boosting engagement. Obviously – we are not able to produce a quality follow up within this time unless we are in the highest achieving bracket of the population – so aim to send something over within 15-30 minutes to show you are doing all you can to support the interaction.

Customers are often impressed with the level of zeal applied in the sales process as it is often indicative of the quality of service upon & post delivery.

Pay attention to the unique circumstances raised by the prospect in the call and also show some insight by applying 3rd party research to position yourself above the other generic decks/proposals they might receive.

Also – rather than simply asking for feedback – propose a follow up date and time to walk them through what you have sent over and to go over any questions. The likelihood of you getting a yes to this is somewhere around 50% – but it is still extremely beneficial to have something on the calendar rather than nothing at all.

Finally – use software to track your engagements with real-time analytics to make sure you can apply the appropriate level of attention to fast moving deals. I will deep dive into this in another post – but my favourite tools for this include Cirrus Insight, Docusend, GetAccept and Qwilr. If links are getting opened and proposals are being read – you should take a hint and re-prioritise those opportunities.

What if the follow up doesn’t work?

Let’s look at the numbers. On average people respond to only about 1-2% of cold emails. When you have had a call – this is likely to be much higher, but in age of hundreds of emails a day for the common executive, don’t take it to heart if your message hasn’t received a reply.

I tend to set 32 hour reminders to myself between emails and then send a gentle follow-up as a response. Statistics show that on average, for a person with whom you have a low level of rapport – this can average 7 touches before they even reply again.

Maintain your discipline and focus however if the lack of response is a common trend you should look at one of two things. First of all – your call manner could require some work as you may not be clear in the delivery of your pitch. Furthermore, you could be doing yourself a disservice in not focusing on building enough rapport and too much on your description of your service offering. Secondly – your follow up materials may be dry and not hitting the mark – try to keep it simple stupid and place a call to action for a follow up in all of the materials.

Summary –

Don’t let your deals fall to the way side – follow up quickly, concisely, track your engagements and ask for a date and time to have a follow up call to walk them through the findings and any possible questions. If your follow up doesn’t work – maintain patient and disciplined but look at your call technique or material set for some common areas of improvement if it continues to be a problem

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