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Why all good sales start with a story…

In conducting any new call or meeting – three things are extremely hard to create; trust, interest and active participation.

There is one thing that succeeds where all other methods fail – telling a story.

Seems too good to be true?

I also was extremely speculative – given that I have been undergone countless hours of sales training and read many of the hottest books on the topic.

Unlike most other disciplines in the world – the relationship with training and results is particularly precocious in sales.

For most performers – the more they practice certain sales frameworks, question patterns and tonality in their approach – the less organic their delivery becomes.

Haven’t you ever noticed the fact that most enterprise level sales professionals seem extremely similar?

In a profession where authenticity is everything – a natural demeanor can foster relationships in an environment rampant with artificial and over-trained reps.

The first line of many prospecting emails you receive lately imbues this notion; sales staff being trained to artificially search for a point of connection rather than organically uncovering one.

With this in mind – the art of storytelling overcomes several of these hurdles.

Trust is easily created

Just like the dating world, in telling a story the sales person puts something about themselves on the line- creating a sense of empathy with the audience which invites them to share something personal in return.

I often tell a story of how I moved to America as a testament to my grandfather’s legacy – as I initially moved here to assist in the safety industry, as he passed away due to complications from falling from a ladder.

In most meetings – I often invite the prospect to share why they are doing this role now or why they are passionate about the company cause and often receive a host of amazing answers.

Interest in an otherwise boring role

Often we forget about our prospects, but just like us their day-to-day is often highly stress-ridden without time to have a simple laugh or humorous aside. With back-to-back schedules, most people take a sales call or meeting after just having stepped out of a highly stressful one.

A story with comedic elements can be an extremely great way to not only relieve the tension; but make the interaction entertaining enough to be memorable.

The sales people who are remembered for the right reasons always get the follow up meeting and eventually the also get the deal.

Prospects Want to Participate

Following a story which resonates with the audience, your prospects – based on the trust and interest created; are going to be more likely to actively share more insights than they initially planned.

Whilst on a sales call in Southern Australia, a prospect once told me that they were prepared to walk out until they heard the story of how I had paid for my own ticket and hotel to make the meeting happen.

Stories not only give people a reason to share their interpretation of your words; but they often serve as a catalyst for further thoughts – especially if the tale you tell has a deeper, metaphorical meaning.

In your next meeting or call – ask for permission to tell a ‘quick’ story and share your results in the comments below.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite infographics of all time:

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