The Perfect Elevator Pitch

I don’t care what anybody says; a relationship is made or broken in the first 60 seconds.

In business, first impressions are everything.

Whether we are pitching a product, idea or involved in day-to-day sales; the way in which we spark this initial interest must be simple enough to communicate the idea, yet sophisticated enough to communicate an aura of credibility.

Let’s take a step back and think about how most of these conversations start. It is normally with this line,

“So, what do you do?”

Whereas most of us have some form of spontaneous adlib in response, all successful relationship builders have something in common – a mastery of the elevator pitch.

So how do we hit this out of the park?

A story I heard a long time ago was from my friend; a wealthy entrepreneur, who was invited by Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, to spend a week at his private island as part of a global think tank on entrepreneurship. One night, by the fire – Richard was asked, “what was the best way you have been pitched.

Given that entrepreneurs from all over the world spend tens of thousands of dollars for both the chance to relax on his property & for a potential meeting with him in a casual setting – I think the question was rather pertinent.

The answer he gave was amazing.

Branson told the group of a story where he was approached by a middle age man outside the day spa, situated on top of one of the highest points on the island. The man asked him,

“How many times are you pitched per week on this island?”

To which Richard replied, “Too many to count.”

The man then continued, “I know as a business man myself, if someone doesn’t communicate the value of what they are proposing well enough in sixty seconds or less, I don’t bother giving them another minute! What do you think?”

“I agree completely.”

“Sir Richard, my firm has been making glass elevators for the past 25 years for some of America’s biggest companies – what if I was able to make you an inclinator that took you from this very spot to the beach in exactly a minute – think of the use case on your island!”

Not only did this man know how to pitch an elevator, he knew how to elevator pitch!

I am hoping some people can confirm this tale to be true in the comments below as I am trusting my friend – having not been to the island myself, but I heard he went on to build that inclinator somewhere on the island.

Regardless, the true moral of the story is that entrepreneurs of the highest order still recognize the importance of individuals who are able to elevator pitch and when executed properly, can be effective on almost anybody to setup the key foundations for a deal.

The question then remains, how do we do the perfect elevator pitch?

There are many techniques out there; having combined with my own experience with the teachings of a sales mentor called Antony Gaddie – I’d love to present the Gaddie-Wilson method.

The Gaddie-Wilson method allows you to develop a succinct 60 second pitch using the below statements to begin each sentence centered around the four key elements of a strong pitch.

You know how … The Problem – what pain point are you trying to address?

What we do …The Solution – how do you solve this pain?

What this means … The Impact – what happens when this pain is resolved?

In fact … The Evidence – who have you solved this pain point for to date?

Put into practice it produces the following amazing introduction which is easy to follow, scalable for sharing with team members and adaptable to any product or idea you want to promote–

You know how it can take almost 20 minutes a day to take the stairs between floors in your building?

What we do is build glass elevators which allow you to go from floor to floor in a fraction of the time.

What this means is that you have the opportunity to save countless man hours in lost productivity.

In fact, we currently have installations in 5 of the top 10 tallest buildings in the United States.

Obviously practicing the delivery to make the pitch seem more authentic and spontaneous is the next challenge – but I promise you that once you master this simple introduction, the level of your relationships will vastly improve over the next few weeks.

Try it or leave me a comment below – I’d love to hear what works for you!

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Dailius Wilson

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