Why Sales is a Love Affair

It’s not always love at first slide.

Sometimes when I greet a new prospect and our eyes meet; I know then and there something magical is going to happen.

Most of the time it’s not that simple.

The sales journey reminds me of both the best and the worst relationships I have had in my life. Read on and see if you agree with me…

Phase 1 – Narrowing Your List

With so many people to choose from at the bar, it’s so difficult to pick who to talk to.

Skinny or more full; fashionable or simply dressed; tall or short – there are so many factors we assess before making the first move. Perhaps we look for traits we had in previous partners or have a set ‘type’ of person in mind given what we feel could be compatible (identifying key accounts)

Sometimes this decision is made for us – with them making the first move (an inbound lead)

Most of the time – we are forced to go on the offensive and test whether they are interested (going outbound)

Phase 2 – Are they Interested?

Perhaps the most nerve wracking part is overcoming the ‘fear of rejection.

Serial daters are used to the ‘no’s and do one of two things – they either spend an extra minute or two overcoming the objections or quickly move on to the next ‘candidate.’

Often the overconfidence can be detected and perceived as in genuine – just like ‘pushy’ sales people are often met with negative commentary.

Ultimately – even if they are perceived in this manner – their chances of getting results are much higher given the amount of gross ‘activity’ they commit to finding a date.

The ‘next step’ is to secure another ‘face to face meeting’ at a later date confirmed typically via text message.

On the rare occasion – some people can close right then and there. Typically these engagements have a high ‘churn rate’ and are not recommended for the long term 😊

Phase 3 – The First Date Demo

The first date gives us both the opportunity to ‘try before we buy.

If we don’t like spending time with each other – there is no point in trying to make it work.

If we are still undecided on how we feel – we will need more ‘meetings’ to follow.

Perhaps for one or both of us; there might be something to gain out of the relationship rather than it being ‘true love.’ This is ok as long as clear ‘KPIs’ are set from the outset.

Phase 4 – Read at 6:03pm?

We will start checking text messages and monitoring emails for any sign of interest. Most of us will be met with a wall of blue messages – as our attempts for reply fall on deaf ears.

In this situation we continue to send messages until we are blocked or asked to desist.

In 10% of cases – the infatuation is mutual and things progress further…

Phase 5 – The ‘Engagement’

Rather than jumping straight into the deep end – this phase gives us both one final chance to abandon the ‘pilot.’

Now we have an opportunity to allocate the appropriate ‘budget’ to formalizing the relationship via a ‘lifelong contract.’

Additionally – things can get messy when family-based, religious or geographical ‘fine print’ attempts to derail the relationship from going ahead.

Phase 6 – The ‘Marriage’

Just because things are ‘signed’ – the journey isn’t over, it is just beginning.

On one hand – the relationship can grow and reach new heights.

Further products and initiatives can flourish like children and the love can continue to blossom.

On the other hand – things can go downhill, fast.

Rather than me – someone called ‘Customer Success’ becomes the new favourite person in the picture and I progressively start to lose sight of what is going on.

As this happens I try my best – but am faced with having to sit back and trust that their other relationship with ‘Customer Success’ is in both of our best interests.

Phase 7 – The ‘Divorce’

If things make it to here – don’t feel alone.

Most relationships don’t last.

I admit I have had a few broken relationships but even if some didn’t work out; I’m so thankful for the lessons learned from each. I try to look at this positively and use these learnings to start the above cycle again fresh and more informed.

On the other hand – you can just take the ‘enterprise’ approach and sue the hell out of your partner for all they are worth…. It is up to you!

Do you agree the Sales is a lot like love and relationships?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

About The Author

Dailius Wilson

Dailius Wilson is the 24 year old founder of WolfofYorkStreet.com – helping the world's top SaaS companies to optimise their sales and marketing efforts. Dailius is currently a Director at TrustRadius and a digital blogger at increasemyonlinebusiness.com. Dailius was named as one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs in Australia for 2015 by Anthill Online and was ranked in the Top 100 SEO Experts in the World. Dailius has also been a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show and has over 10,000,000 views on Youtube