How I Transform Underqualified Leads into Executive Level Opportunities Everytime – The Courtesy Note Formula

Countless B2B businesses have the same problem.

Someone junior or mid-level stumbles onto the site and/or submits a free trial request.

We all know what normally happens…..

You organise a demo only to hear from your Account Executive that they have no purchasing authority and the meeting was a waste of time.

There is another way….

I was always told to aim for the stars, as even if you don’t make it – you will still land on the ground.

My method is simple and effective.

Use the signal or free trial request to create impetus for action at an executive level.

See the signal I received below:

I take a screenshot of the following and insert it into an email which I send typically to my economic decision maker- the CRO or CMO.


Because they get it.

Not only do they have the strategic acumen to understand my solution, they also have the budget.

The “Courtesy Note” Formula

A quick courtesy note.

As a fellow leader of a sales team – although I value reps who show initiative; I love to stay informed as individuals explore their own unique practices and tools to help increase deal volume. Managing multiple stacks and multiple methods is a nightmare for any manager.

Ethan in your team was on my site today exploring the free trial.

I have some ideas about how to support him and your wider team – however in light of the above – out of respect, I’d love to run them via you first in the full interests of transparency. 

How does your calendar look on Friday? 

The “Courtesy Note” incorporates three main traits – what I call the three EEEs


The C-level recipient respects the fact that I want to seek their opinion before looking to provide any advice to their team. This is a nightmare for any manager – who has to constantly deal with both internal and external influence in causing shifts in their strategic plan


In terms of status – I am coming from a position of equal footing and establish how I can relate to the prospect on a managerial level. This is something many people are afraid to do but when done politely and professionally can be critical in establishing credibility


99% of sales emails are unfounded made-up rubbish. My email incorporates real evidence of activity with a screenshot. It is irrefutable.

With the firms I work with – I am able to skyrocket conversion by encouraging them to defer to digital marketing to actively nurture underqualified leads and to instead use this data to empower more targeted outbound prospecting.

Some of you might argue in favor of dealing with these individuals to build advocates within the organisation.

I don’t believe this is mutually exclusive.

All I know is that time and resources are finite within companies without unlimited budgets.

I’d rather have me and my team talking to a C-level than a 20 something millennial evaluator any day of the week.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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