3 Times I Went ‘Too Far’ To Get a Deal

When you work in sales or a founder – losing is not an option.

A win at all costs mentality separates the great and those who aspire for greatness.

With that in mind – I have often been questioned for going outside the realm of my professional boundaries to make things happen. I feel that although unconventional, this extra effort serves as a differentiator from my competition; who don’t put in the extra effort to secure new business.

Example #1 – The Pool Cleaner

I’m not going to tell you where or when this job was to preserve my privacy – but this is 100% a true story.

I was only a young man at the time, still in my teens and a very good looking lady, recently divorced, was spending some of the settlement on a range of new computers for her and her four children.

I had many jobs selling computers at different stores – but the combined package was my biggest order to date.

The deal started to stall – with her complaining about the materials being useless if she didn’t know how to set them up.

Most people wouldn’t care – but seeing it was the weekend – I really wanted to do anything it took to secure the new business. Without hesitation, I offered.

“I’ll come and help you set them up if you take them now.”

Me taking the extra step got me the deal but that’s not where this story ends.

Being mid-way through setting up the first computers the next day, she came strolling into the room with a pair of blue bathers in her hand stating,

“Do you clean pools as well?”

The situation would typically be the dream of any young man.

For dramatic purposes – I’ll live the ending to this tale ambiguous, but I can sure tell you that sales has taken me to some weird places.

Example #2 – The Donut Deliverer

Last year my quarter was coming to a close, but still I had a number of key deals that were taking too long to move through. I had tried everything – phone calls, emails – yet no one was taking that final step.

I’m not sure about you, but I know one thing that always opens me up to any possibility. Donuts.

I remember I would go through 100 laps at swim class just for that hint of warm, goo-ey cinnamon goodness at the end of a training session.

Having no car in San Francisco – I bought several packs of gourmet, handmade donuts and delivered them by hand to my key clients all over the city. Of the ten I delivered, one returned the signed contract within the first hour; with four others going on to become key business partners of mine.

The power of donuts.

Example 3 – The Evolutionary Professor

Many years ago, I was tasked with selling to one of Australia’s largest companies, in fact they are now the largest firm of their kind in the world.

Despite having 1,000s of employees – all new expenditure had to be signed off and approved by the CEO himself, being a family business.

He was notorious for being hard to engage and had even walked away mid-sentence from prominent people in the business community upon initial introduction.

Even though I was able to successfully book meetings with key leaders in the organization; they advised me that their CEO hated being sold anything and was notoriously anti-social. They even said that he hated 3rd party vendors so much that they couldn’t think of anyone who had sold to them successfully.

Putting on my creative cap, I found that this particular individual had a prevalent affinity for science; having written many books on the topic. Over many weeks – I took the time to carefully read his material and to craft a 5000 word thesis exploring the key themes and my responses.

Upon reading my paper – not only was I able to secure a meeting, but also secured his blessing to do the largest deal in the history of my previous company to date.

Who said selling isn’t a science?

Often as sales people, founders or in other lines of business – we have to go to the furthest lengths to make sure we get the deal done.

There is a fine line between far and too far – but I don’t think the word ‘caution’ has ever stood in the way of anyone determined to over achieve.

Tell me if you feel I went ‘too far’ or share with me your experiences in the comments below

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Dailius Wilson

Dailius Wilson is the 24 year old founder of WolfofYorkStreet.com – helping the world's top SaaS companies to optimise their sales and marketing efforts. Dailius is currently a Director at TrustRadius and a digital blogger at increasemyonlinebusiness.com. Dailius was named as one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs in Australia for 2015 by Anthill Online and was ranked in the Top 100 SEO Experts in the World. Dailius has also been a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show and has over 10,000,000 views on Youtube