Body Language for Sales: 5 Ways to Close More Sales

Much of sales is simply one thing. Communication.

Not surprisingly, I really can’t stress enough the IMPORTANCE of sentence phrasing for in-person meetings.

However, just as important is what ISN’T said – what I call the “unspoken.” Body language – eye contact, hand gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice, and the way you carry yourself – these things matter equally as much as WHAT you actually say.

I think that about HALF of the integrity of a message you are trying to communicate is encapsulated in your body language. Because humans are visual creatures, they tend to interpret the message based on the micro-expressions you give. So while words are important for conveying information, our body language is what STEERS  the conversation to a point where a ground breaking decision can be made.

For people in sales or any business profession, being hyper-aware of your body language is an invaluable tool for closing a deal or making things happen. Here are some ways which I commonly use which will allow you to use the power of the unspoken to drive more outcomes for your sales career.

  1. Compose your pose

Confidence is a POWERFUL persuasive tactic – it just makes you seem more convincing and credible.

If you’re feeling jittery, which is quite normal even for experienced salespeople, practice doing what I like to call a ‘power pose’ before a meeting. Keep a straight spine, look in the mirror, take a deep breath and raise your chin as you exhale. Repeat this several times until you find a sense of focus.

Also, focus on keeping your arms loose, your shoulders back and your chest open as this is the body position that is the most well-received. Even if you aren’t confident – at least look like it, no one likes someone WHO represents fear.

  1. Smile

Sales interactions can be awkward or tense to customers. To put them at ease, put a smile on your face. Research shows that smiling DECREASES stress levels and makes you happier, even if it’s not a genuine smile. It elicits a positive response from the people you are interacting with, which sets an upbeat mood for the conversion.

I find humour extremely helpful in breaking down barriers and letting new contacts open up with you – try learning a few industry specific jokes as no matter how bad they are – people are still likely to have a little laugh!

  1. Nod at your prospect

The act of nodding is associated with agreement, and it primes your prospect to say yes.

This gesture is highly infectious, thanks to human psychology. Due to our natural tendency to mimic each other, especially those we like – we are likely to have the gesture reciprocated.  So when you nod while expressing a major sales or business point, your prospect is more likely to nod in return and agree with what you say.

  1. Maintain eye contact

Staring at your prospect throughout the whole sales conversion is borderline creepy, but too little eye contact may make you seem uninterested or even insecure. Be sure to use the right amount of eye contact fosters a real connection and demonstrates sincerity. LOOK  into your prospect’s eyes when talking to them, particularly when you are pointing out a major aspect of the product or service you’re selling.

  1. Keep your body open

If you have a habit of crossing your arms while talking, drop it. This gesture makes you seem defensive or closed off. Don’t hide your hands either, as this makes you seem rather untrustworthy.

As I mentioned earlier, posture makes a lot of difference. Never make the mistake of leaning back while sitting. This makes you look too relaxed and uncaring. Face your prospect directly, or even lean forward slightly, to SHOW you are both physically and mentally engaged in the sales conversation.

I would only go against the above if I was trying to seem non-chalant in order to distort the balance of power in the meeting i.e. Appear as if I don’t care too much about the size of the deal in order to generate interest surrounding the success of the business I work for

Final Words

Based on the principles of persuasion, a person first has to be interested to be persuaded. So the ultimate goal is to attract your prospect’s interest and keep them roped in towards the closing.

Subtle though they may be, these forms of body language can increase your chances of making more sales.



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