Software isn’t sold, it’s sold out….

Last week my friend and CEO, Vinay Bhagat published a post entitled “Two Roads Diverged – Why we  turned away from lead generation” which I highly encourage you to read at the conclusion of this article.

Vinay brings up a key theme in his writing which I continue to draw upon as I build my own business acumen; when faced with key ethical & business decisions – how do we determine the correct path to take?

During my time in the Silicon Valley software industry, I have seen two key ‘paths’ emerge.

The first is the path ‘most travelled.’ The safe option. To go along with the crowd. Often with ethics being actively exchanged for monetary gain.

Decisions are not made based on innovation, they are based on misinformation. Misinformation based on analysts who are mandated to exchange their own opinions with data sourced from deep pay to play relationships with vendors. Misinformation based on organisations who use self-servicing industry conferences, awards and appropriate best practice concepts with new buzz terms to replace thought leadership with overt sales & marketing spin. Misinformation in an era where success is prematurely measured by net funding raised and no. of employees – not by baseline metrics and fundamental product value.

It is in this informational abyss; that the path less travelled is harder to take.

How does one build or join a business that is committed to, in its purest form; treating buyers and vendors with equal respect? A business that is committed to representing information free from bias and paid relationships. A business that is attempting to re-educate an industry which has been falsely educated to pay for influence rather than to earn it.

It is with this in mind that I am happy I joined TrustRadius. I have a leader with a firm moral conscience. A product which empowers each vendor equally to harness the truth. A vision which when executed correctly; may finally see the industry which I know and love return to a more balanced state of buyer-centric authenticity.

The path we have taken is less travelled. Since 2012, our strict morals & quality controls have resulted in less short term gains. But as time goes on – we are gaining momentum – winning the market with an authentic not cannibalistic program; which I look forward to delivering continual updates on.

Whether through analyst relations, pay to play lead generation or misappropriation of thought leadership; purchasing influence never results in success. In a world where vendor claims are increasingly scrutinized via the web, word of mouth and social; I implore companies to look to their customers not to their budgets in order to succeed in an everchanging landscape.

Truth Sells

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