Shorts at work – yes or no?

For the modern, stylish gentleman it seems like a genuine question – is it ok to wear shorts at work?

Today I was extremely proud to see an article from Australia discussing how a prominent law firm is ‘shaking’ up corporate fashion by promoting shorts at work.

Shorts at work have been both a blessing and a curse in my career to date. A few years ago I was almost fired due to HR complaints from certain members in the workplace about the ‘short length’ of my favourite pair of pink shorts.

I do admit they were fairly small, but I was more upset with the fact that my legs weren’t sexy enough to warrant a more positive reaction.

In my mind, I always have questioned what the actual standards are in relation to this issue. When I think about my corporate career to date, I have seen many ladies wear corporate attire that often meets the knee or even shorter without complaint. Surely in a culture where we strive for equal opportunities for all we can help make the ‘corporate short’ a more common place item.

I remember one of my colleagues, Jon Kavanaugh once came to my old office sporting a wonderful summer suit similar to the one below and I have to say although he has a much more chiseled jaw than me, I didn’t mind the look – what do you think?


I was even more proud to know that one of my high school friends now works at the law firm in question, Gilbert + Tobin – I could think of no better candidate to sport shorts in the workplace than my good friend Felix – I dedicate this post to you

I would love to know your thoughts below and by coincidence I wore shorts to work today #standupforshorts


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