Real World Data & Tennis

I just think it is fantastic when we analyse, visualize and interpret data to derive the unexpected. One trend we have noticed in tennis over the last 30 years (since 1987) – is that the average age of Grand Slam finalists has steadily risen from about 25 to a ripe age of 33.

For most of us this is still fairly young, but let’s think about the results. Even with the dominance of aging players like Federer or Nadal which could perhaps skew results – this trend is also still  equally visible among the Top 100 players in the world. The average age of a Top 100 player has risen from 24  in ’87 to 28 today.

Could it be that in a sport like tennis; increased practice and experience directly correlates to increased performance?

Could it simply be that we are living longer?

Perhaps it is due to the fact that modern recovery methods and rehabilitation of injuries is far superior to what it was 30 years ago?

Also we could consider that in this echelon of competition with growing standards – a self perpetuating cycle may have developed increasing barriers to entry for younger players?

What do you think? In the end it is amazing to see data challenge our perceptions and to see the way mathematics governs many elements of our every day life.



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