#300Words Challenge

I haven’t been active for quite some time on my blog.

Guess what? I’m back.

I have been overwhelmed with the task of successfully penetrating the Silicon Valley Tech Market, something I am pleased to say I am starting to experience much traction in.

I have always felt that setting tangible goals for myself has always been away to drive repeat behavior, which in turn creates habits, which then eventuates into continual results.

Goals>Repeat Behaviour> Habits > Results.

This mantra underlines my latest decision which will hopefully result in a fresh crop of contact for the readers who stumble their way onto my site.

I’m committing to something – #300Words for 30 days – the bi-product, 9,000 words (almost enough to publish a novella) of pure, 100% Dailius driven content. Let’s see how I go.

I’m looking forward to sitting down at some stage everyday and writing down my thoughts in a free flowing fashion. Most of the highest achievers in tech right now seem to do this either privately or publicly and have done so for many years – so attempting to do the same for 30 days should give me a greater understanding and appreciation for the size of this task!

If you have any ideas for topics you would like me to cover please feel free to write some suggestions in the comments below otherwise I’m going to let everything flow from the heart.

Also if you don’t own your own blog already – I suggest purchasing a domain and setting up a cheap wordpress blog – as having you own intellectual property out there can be fantastic when it comes to career progression and connecting with industry figures who you may want to do business with

Remember set goals and even if you fail – at least you are on your way to developing the habits which will yield consistent results.



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Dailius Wilson

Dailius Wilson is the 24 year old founder of WolfofYorkStreet.com – helping the world's top SaaS companies to optimise their sales and marketing efforts. Dailius is currently a Director at TrustRadius and a digital blogger at increasemyonlinebusiness.com. Dailius was named as one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs in Australia for 2015 by Anthill Online and was ranked in the Top 100 SEO Experts in the World. Dailius has also been a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show and has over 10,000,000 views on Youtube