The Guide to Conference Networking

After spending some time at Oracle World 2016 it is evident that some people have next to no idea on how to get the most out of an event with thousands of potential clients.

Here are some of my tips:

Don’t Judge a Book by it’s cover

The amount of times we avoid speaking to people based on our assumptions about their appearance is alarming. At this event, I approached a man in the drink line who looked like he had just woken up out of bad. After a quick chat and receiving his business card I looked him up to find that he was actually a member of the African Forbes 100 rich list a.k.a. a billionaire.

Treat every person as a potential prospect and with equal amounts of respect.

You never know who they could be or who could be in their network

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Feet on the Ground

Many organizations make the mistake of spending vast overheads on a fancy booth with high overheads on passes for employees. At conferences, attendees are more open than any other situation to being approached at random. Perhaps look at investing expenditure for a street team to engage with people coming in and out of events and even at local food/service venues to the event center. This can be a cost effective way to expand your presence without breaking the budget

Stand out from the Crowd

In a sea of thousands of people – making sure you stand out from your peers give you not only a talking point to start a conversion but makes such exchanges memorable for your prospects. I highly suggest purchasing some form of practical and memorable swag also which you can use as a gift to build rapport. Also make sure your business cards have your face on them so you will be remembered.

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Dailius Wilson

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  • giselahausmann

    An excellent blog. Yep, I have had a similar experience with a guy who seemed to be stuck in the Seventies, when everybody wore jeans jackets and nobody wore a tie. He owned a 5-story house next the the River Thames w/ view of the Prince Albert Bridge. I saw it with my own eyes.

    Which is entertaining, but much more important is your point “Don’t Underestimate the Value of Feet on the Ground”… very clever suggestions.

    • Wolf of York Street

      Really appreciate the feedback and you support of my blog!