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4 Qualities to Look For in a Business Partner

While there are entrepreneurs who are perfectly capable of managing their business singlehandedly, many don’t succeed without someone to back them up. Speaking from experience, the road to entrepreneurship is not one without hurdles, barriers and challenges. My idea seemed foolproof at first, but the process of actualising it was far from the smooth sailing…

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Self Reflection to Boost Results

#1 – Use Self Reflection to Boost your Results!

The Power of Self Reflection Mastery of self reflection will allow you to revolutionise the way you succeed in your social life, the way you accelerate your career and the manner in which you view yourself as a person! Taking the time to reflect on your successes and failures allows you to do three things: Find…

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Walks with the Wolf - Sales Vlog

New Sales & Business Vlog – Walks with the Wolf

Hi everyone – just a quick post! I will now try and record a few videos per week touching on my own personal journey and some insights on sales, tech business, startups and growth marketing.  I have called this Walks with the Wolf and hope you enjoy it! If you would like to watch the…

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Confidence in Sales

Confidence vs. Arrogance in Sales – What’s the Difference?

To me confidence is the biggest enabler when it comes to catalysing progress in your career, especially in sales where confidence is a most necessary tool. Those who personally know me may think it unlikely, but I sometimes struggle with my self confidence at times. Some things in life I approach with a certain degree…

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Closing a Sale: 5 Things You’re Doing Wrong

Closing is the most nerve-racking part of a sales conversation, but the most important nonetheless. After all, you have to “ask for the business” at some point, or you won’t be selling anything #cashmoney. I love this topic so much that the entire basis for my book surrounds the art and nature of closing. Now,…

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3 Powerful Mindshifts You Need to Make to Sell More of your Product!

The amount of power a word holds never ceases to amaze me. In business, even a single word can make all the difference in perception, persuasion and acceptance. When chosen carefully, words can set the right tone for a sales conversation, diffuse awkward situations and get people to agree with your point of view. Simply…

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