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C-levels and executives who don’t take sales calls should be fired

Everyone should love to be sold to.  Some of the best outcomes in life come from the sales calls you do take. If C-levels and executives are not taking calls or supporting team members to discover new solutions – they are serving as a preventer and not an enabler. I have tried to focus on…

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Driving Customer Lead Marketing with Customer Success

For many of us buzz terms can create confusion. Big data. Machine Learning. Cringe. Today I would like to address something on the back of a fantastic radio show I heard today on with Lincoln Murphy – the pope of customer success and host Steve Gershik, ex-Eloqua and CEO of Koyne Marketing, what is…

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#300Words Challenge

I haven’t been active for quite some time on my blog. Guess what? I’m back. I have been overwhelmed with the task of successfully penetrating the Silicon Valley Tech Market, something I am pleased to say I am starting to experience much traction in. I have always felt that setting tangible goals for myself has…

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My SF Experience

What I have learned from being in SF so far!

Coming to San Francisco has been a big move for me. Up until last Monday I didn’t know a single soul in this city well enough to call a friend. Now I’m pleased to say at least I have a few 🙂 Here are a few things I have added to my diary. 1. App…

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best time to send an email

#5 – What is the Best Time to Send an Email?

In this video of Walks with the Wolf I look in a comical way at how it is so crucial to optimise your email sends to boost engagement and improve ROI from your marketing and sales activties. I discusss the importance of using software to test optimal send times and also looking at implicit and explicit…

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how to succeed at every meetup

#4 – How to Succeed at Every Meetup

In this video I look at how you can dominate every meetup you go to and maximise your chances of making successful connections by using my 3 minute meetup role! Essentially the first step involves: Finding about the persons needs/problems (1 minute) Sharing how you may have the solution to these issues (2nd minute) Establishing…

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3 Steps to ensure your emails get read everytime!

No one likes to be ignored. Try these tips and find your communications being read more times than the morning paper! Dear Friend. I bet you remember this as being one of the most overused beginnings in the spam which began to flood our inboxes in the early 2000s. If you were too young to…

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5 Emerging Trends for Growth in 2015

What the World’s Oldest Marathon Runner can Teach You About Growth Look at the title. I know what most of you are thinking. “Hey, I didn’t come here to learn about marathon running, I came here to learn about marketing!” On the other hand, the other 30% of you are probably going through the motions…

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Body Language for Sales: 5 Ways to Close More Sales

Much of sales is simply one thing. Communication. Not surprisingly, I really can’t stress enough the IMPORTANCE of sentence phrasing for in-person meetings. However, just as important is what ISN’T said – what I call the “unspoken.” Body language – eye contact, hand gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice, and the way you carry yourself…

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#2 – How to Optimise Passive Sales

In this episode of Walks with the Wolf I look at optimising passive sales versus seeking aggressive growth in enterprise sales. Creating increased passive sales from organic traffic is one of the main drivers for startup businesses and is one of the key metrics monitored by investors! Stay posted for more notes to follow here!

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